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Work, as usual, has me really stressed out.  Earlier this month, one of my favorite co-workers quit.  She had graduated from a PhD program and had been job hunting.  It took her several months to find a job and when she finally landed one she was able to give us over a month's notice.  It was bittersweet because she was great to work with, but it was for the best. 

Then early this week, one of the other girls I love to work with put in her two weeks notice.  I was super shocked and she said herself that it wasn't really thought out, she just decided it was time to move on. 

THEN after my two days off, I come back into work and learn that another one of the girls I work with is stepping down and moving to a completely different department.  Her mother had a heart attack and she had to change her hours so she could be a caretaker during the day.

Now I'm freaking out because we are already hiring over 40 cashiers to gear up for the Holidays--that was all of our worries that we won't have enough staff and we'd constantly be dealing with new cashier questions.  Plus we are going to be training 3 new Customer Service Managers as well!  What also sucks is one of the girls was strictly a closer and the other two closed a couple times a week.  Now there are only three of us who are able to close.  This Christmas is going to be horrible.  I've been a Customer Service Manager for over six months now and there are still many things I don't know.

It's going to be interesting.  I really need to put in for vacation in January when all the craziness is over!


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