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Jackie ([personal profile] agraciado) wrote2010-09-22 05:03 pm
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I am so excited to be part of Dreamwidth! For years I have been a user of Livejournal. I know I've had my current LJ account since 2005, and I had accounts under other names prior to that. Over the past few years things started to change. Livejournal was sold and then sold again. (And who knows maybe it was sold after that? I only paid attention the first two times it was sold. After that, I pretty much stopped using it.) There are tons of ads and many people have been abandoning it because of all the changes being made.

For a few months, I've been posting on blogspot and I hate it. I hate having to worry about site design and have missed the security journal posting lets you have (posts can be viewed by everyone, just you, or by people you have added as friends). I look forward to this being my new home.