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Jackie ([personal profile] agraciado) wrote2010-12-30 09:50 am

lets runaway, from these lights

It's been gloomy here in Nashville. 

I was suppose to go with a friend yesterday to see Country Strong.!  Franklin and LA were the only two cities previewing it early and we've both been talking about how bad we want to see it.  Then at the last minute her elderly neighbor asked for a favor and our plans were canceled.  It stinks because the way our schedules are we are lucky if every month or two months we have the same day off. 

Instead I decided to do some retail therapy.  I hit up the clearance racks at Old Navy (three pairs of work pants for $31), got some groceries, and cheap clearance Canon camera because mine are all dead and I'd really like start taking more pictures. Then I played around with my Nook.  My boyfriend's parents got me it for Christmas and I love it.  The only downfall is when I use it at the break room at work.  All my co-workers were coming up to me being like, "What is that?!?!  I've never heard of such a thing!"  Haha. 

Today, it's back to work.  Then tomorrow I have an early shift and am going out to a bar with Shawn and some friends.  Should be fun!