agraciado: (autumn)
Jackie ([personal profile] agraciado) wrote2010-11-04 12:58 pm

Raise Your Glass

Our Indian Summer has finally ended.  Up until last week there were days in the 80s, but the forecast looks like it's going to stay in the 50-60 range.  Yay!  It feels so good to break out the long pants and cardigans.  Is it wrong that I'm excited for winter so I can use our fireplace?

Last week, I was cooking dinner (in the slow cooker), doing housework, and running errands when Shawn text messaged me.  He had won 2nd row tickets to a hockey game!  Neither of us watch hockey but we were so STOKED because we knew we'd have an awesome time.  We had pretty much the most fun ever.  The crowd was amazing.  We had a couple of the drunk rowdy people behind us that yelled at the opposite team (those people always make the games so fun).  We were standing up, clapping, and cheering for the local team.  It was so excited when players got bashed into the glass (I jumped so many times because the glass shook hard) or when fights broke out.  

Such a blast!  I told him we need to do that again and that if he ever wins tickets to the Titans game (4th row!) that I'm calling out of work no matter what!