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I applied for a job for the company my boyfriend use to work for.  It would be great.  Decent pay, M-F, 8-5, no holidays.  It would also allow me to keep my current job (it's only part-time) which means I might be able to have this great thing called a savings account. 

I apply online and about two minutes later I get a "restricted" call.  I ignore it by default because my phone is plagued by spam calls.  Sure enough, it's a recruiter from the company.  I try to call her back to me and after ringing and ringing, it goes to voicemail.  I leave a message and try it a few more times with no luck.  This all happens around 4:30 and it's an eastern phone number so I'm thinking maybe they left for the day?  After talking to my boyfriend, I'm reassured because he says the whole restricted number thing happened to him too. 

I've been trying to call the recruiter all day and just getting her voicemail.  I call the corporate job hotline and they say that there are no positions available for the area I'm in.  I look online right after, the job is still posted, and I'm hoping the recruiter is just out of the office for the day. 

Fingers crossed.

Date: 2011-01-11 10:00 pm (UTC)
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I had the same problem playing phone tag with a recruiter when I was applying for my current job and I thought all was lost, so don't despair. :)


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