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Shawn just got a call and.....he got the job he interviewed for last week!  I'm so beyond happy.  It's in the career field he wants and he'll be making more than $10,000 than what he makes at his current job.  It's an amazing opportunity for him and our little 2-person family.  He starts January 11 which is perfect.  January 6 is our anniversary and January 8 is his birthday.  We both take those days off work to be with each other.  He'll be able to give his two-weeks at his current job and then take a little mini-vacation!  

Also, in January I got a letter in the mail saying a class action lawsuit was going on for the company I work for.  A settlement had been reached and you qualified if a manager had ever interrupted your mandatory breaks or lunch period.  At the time I had a manager that would constantly bother employees whenever we were on break or lunch.  It was so annoying.  Then right after this letter came out I was in the break room, reading a book and my manager comes in.  She starts asking all these questions about work and then is like, "Oh, I'm sorry.  Are you on break?  Next time let me know you're on break and I'll talk to you after you're done!"  Isn't it obvious that I'm on break if I'm in the break room, reading a book?!? 

So I filled out the claims form for the lawsuit.  The paperwork said it would only be around $30, which isn't a lot but it's a full tank of gas to me!  Almost everyone I worked with refused to take part in the settlement because they were worried they would get fired.  I never heard anything about it, so I figured my company must have filed an appeal. 

Then today I get a check in the mail from the settlement.  I must have read the initial paperwork wrong because it was a check for $300!  SCORE!  I'm going to be responsible and save most of it, but I am totally splurging on a facial!

Such an amazing day!
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