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Shawn has a big interview in less than an hour, which would be his first step into the career field he wants.  It's so frustrating for me to watch.  All he wants is some sort of IT or computer programming job and every time you log onto Yahoo or any job site they say that getting a degree in the computer field is the best you can get because they pay well and are in demand.  He's done everything right.  He got great grades (he was valedictorian), did internships, got his Bachelors, and has great contacts.  Then ever since college he's watched as classmates of his have landed jobs and he hasn't.  The place he's interviewing at today a friend of his works at.  This friend Shawn had to tutor throughout college because the guy couldn't keep up in his classes.  I know if Shawn doesn't get this job it's going to destroy him. 

When he first got out of college, it was understandable that he didn't land a *dream* job.  It's been 5 or 6 years now and someone needs to give him a break.  What sucks the most is watching him blame himself---wondering if he should have pushed harder out of college to find a better job, wondering if he should have done more internships to ensure a just sucks. There are only so many words of encouragement you can give.

So I'm keeping busy right now.  I'm in cleaning mode.  Shawn's parents are coming in this weekend to take us to a Country Christmas dinner and show at Opryland.  I am ridiculously excited.  A few years ago I would have been mortified to go to something like this, but since moving to the South I'm embracing all things Southern except maybe the food (yuck!).  I've started listening to country music and am dreaming of going to the Country Music Awards someday. 

Speaking of Christmas, it sounds like this could be a Christmas miracle.  A man, who was previously HIV-positive, no longer has the disease after going through a stem cell transplant.  Awesome!  I know there is tons of controversy regarding stem cells because of the moral dilemmas.  It's an issue I struggle with myself, but when you see the way stem cells are able to help people it's hard not to put your support behind it. 

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