Jan. 18th, 2011

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Shawn and I are just so ready to buy a house.  We're busting at the seams in our little 800 square foot apartment (which we share with a roommate).  Our bedroom is not only our bedroom, but a home office and a basement as well (it's where everything is stored--even Christmas decoration--since we have no storage space).  Last night I said to him, "I'll miss it though.  When I was sick, laying in bed all day, it was nice that you were right there.  Just a few feet away, taking care of me, always watching over me.  I'll have to get a couch and a TV in our future office just for when I'm sick."

For months I've been looking at places online and dying to go to open houses.  Now today he's been sending me links to houses he's interested in--all about $50K more than I thought we'd be spending.  I capped us out at $175K because I'm cheap and I love the idea that a mortgage for a whole freaking house would be less than what we pay per month for our itty bitty apartment.  I'm just so excited for this next step in our lives!

Also--last time I wrote I was waiting for a HR person to call me back about a job I applied to.  After 2.5 days of trying to reach her, I did!  I've done two phone interviews and am down to the final face-to-face interview on Thursday!  There are 3 positions open and myself and a co-worker at my current job are both candidates.  I'm crossing my fingers that we both get it!  I have a really good feeling about it. 


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