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Yesterday, I was making my way around town running some errands when my boyfriend texted me.  He had won a free game of bowling voucher at work.  Suddenly instead of having a night in, we decided to have a date night.  We never have a date night.  We always either just have me cook or order take out and watch a movie.  I started thinking about it and the last time we went out was when we grabbed lunch inbetween shopping and decided to see Inception.   Does that even count as a date? 

I made Shawn decide where we went to dinner.  Recently he's always been asking where I want to eat or what I wanted for dinner.  Whenever I ask what he wants he just says that I'll veto his choice and decide on something else.  It made me feel really bad because it's so true!  I'm really picky, but I hate that I am blowing him off.  I'm trying hard to change and basically agreeing to eat anything.

He ended up taking me to Wolfgang Puck Express. I would describe it as a super upscale take out or a small restaurant--kind of like Panera but they actually serve your food to you.  The food was amazingly good.  I'm already planning what other meals I will have there. 

After that we headed over to the bowling alley.  It was crowded and expensive ($5/game!) but a lot of fun.  I impressed Shawn with my bowling skillz and we just laughed and had fun together. 

We'll have to plan more date nights from now on.  Even Shawn mentioned that we don't go out and do stuff enough.


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